1.What is the working principle of the cutting machine?

Answer: The drawn 2D graphics are transmitted to the cutting machine through a special cutting control software and cut out directly. Graphic editing software (such as AutoCAD), cutting control software and HP printing software must be installed on the computer.

2. What format of files do you need for cutting equipment?

Answer: DXF, DWG, PLT, etc.

3. What materials can be cut?

Answer: Any flexible material can be cut. In layman's terms, as long as the material can be scratched with a utility blade or cut with scissors, it can be done with a cutting machine.

4. What should I do if the device is abnormal?

Answer: Contact our after-sales service personnel directly to troubleshoot and deal with abnormalities under their remote guidance. Contact ways

whatsAPP (ID:brooklzy107@gmail.com)   or Mail:goldman888@jr1688.com

5. How long is working life of the equipment?

Answer: At least 20 years.

6.What are consumables and wearing parts?

Answer: Consumables are cutting blades; Wearing parts are cutting head and table pad.

7. How long is the maintenance interval of the equipment?

Answer: It is recommended to maintain it once every 7 days.

8. What are the equipment maintenance items?

Answer: Check whether the wire is worn and broken; All incoming spindles and guides must be greased; Whether the filter screen of the high-pressure fan is blocked, etc.

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