Sales and service policy:

Always adhere to customer demand-oriented, seize the market with stable quality, retain customers with nanny-style service, and grind technology with the spirit of craftsmen in big countries. Really do:

1) Free proofing, free technical consultation and factory process planning before sales;

2)The delivery time of standard machine is 7 working days, and the non-standard customized machine is 40 working days;

3) 100% inspection of factory equipment, 100% factory qualification rate;

4)After the foreign customer receives the machine, through the training video we provide, combined with remote guidance, to ensure that the operator can operate the equipment independently;

5)The service hotline is turned on 24 hours a day, and the questions received from customers must be replied within 8 hours.

The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months, and we replace the accessories free of charge for any quality problems caused by non-human reasons. After the warranty period, the cost of accessories will be charged appropriately.

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